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Article on the Rogues, circa 1966
Article on the Rogues and Tempo '66
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Review of Mandala's Hullabaloo performance, 1967


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The Mighty Mandala - RPM, July 1968
Announcement of western Canada tour, 1968
Mandala profile from 1968
Advertisement for Mandala performance at the Whitby Arena, May 1969
Blurb from Billboard on breakup of Mandala
Article on Mandala's demise, 1969


Short review of Bush album
Los Angeles Free Press review of Bush performance, 4 September 1970
Billboard review of a Bush gig


Clipping on Domenic joining the James Gang, Billboard, 8 January 1972
RPM clipping on Kenner and Troiano joining the James Gang
Review of Straight Shooter from Billboard
Circus article on the James Gang, 1972 [Part 1 | Part 2]
Cashbox review of the infamous James Gang Santa Monica gig, February 1972
James Gang/Elephant's Memory review, Billboard, 1972
Billboard clipping on Troiano signing with Mercury
Discguise article featuring Troiano
Promotional ad for Troiano's solo debut, 1972
Short review of Domenic Troiano, 1972
Article on Domenic Troiano
Domenic's letter to Rolling Stone regarding review of The Band's Rock of Ages album, 1972
Review of Passin' Thru from Billboard
Review of Passin' Thru from Stereo Review
Robert Christgau takes on Passin' Thru
James Gang Medicine Show - from Billboard, 23 December 1972


The Gang That Couldn't - Rolling Stone, 1 February 1973 [Part 1 | Part 2]
Mention of the Troiano-era James Gang in Rolling Stone album review, April 1973
Article on ABC Dunhill suing the James Gang, 1973
Review of Tricky from Guitar Player, October 1973


Review of Flavours from Stereo Review
Review of Flavours from Rolling Stone
Melody Maker review of Flavours
Robert Christgau takes on Flavours
Favorable review of Flavours


Review of Flavours and BTO's Not Fragile from Crawdaddy, February 1975 [Part 1 | Part 2]
Article on the Guess Who from Creem, February 1975 [Part 1 | Part 2]
Billboard clipping on near-drowning
Review of Power in the Music
Review of Power in the Music from Guitar Player
Review of Power in the Music from Stereo Review
Review of Power in the Music from Creem
Review of Power in the Music from Melody Maker
Billboard article on Guess Who tour rehearsal, 1975
Confessions of a Guess Who Fan - from Stereo Review, 1975
RPM report on the Guess Who, September 1975 [Part 1 | Part 2]
Article on Shawne Jackson from RPM, December 1975


Shawne Jackson entry from The Rolling Stone Record Guide
Clipping on Troiano and Cummings solo efforts
RPM article on Troiano shopping for a record label, June 1976
Live review from the Toronto Star, circa 1976


Tempo cover story, July 1977 [Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3]
"Like It Is" article, 1977
Ottawa Citizen article by Bill Provick
Review of Burnin' at the Stake from the Toronto Star, August 27, 1977
Review of Burnin' at the Stake by John Laycock from the Windsor Star
Review of Burnin' at the Stake from Sound Canada
Review of Burnin' at the Stake from Melody Maker
Review of Burnin' at the Stake from Fanfare, 7 September 1977
Review of Burnin' at the Stake from Ohio's Scene, 8 September 1977
Stage Life cover story, September 1977 [Part 1 | Part 2]
Old Acquaintance Will Be Better - Toronto Sun, 16 September 1977
Montreal Star article, 27 September 1977
Profile from Music Express, October 1977
Domenic Troiano: Breaking Again - RPM, 15 October 1977
Review of Burnin' at the Stake from Rolling Stone, 20 October 1977


Great article from Guitar Player, January 1978 [Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3]
Article from The Albertan, 1 March 1978
"Night Scene" article from the Calgary Herald, 1 March 1978
Review of a live show from Variety, 31 May 1978
Interview from Yamaha's Quarter Notes mag, 1978 [Part 1 | Part 2]
Review of Steve Miller/Domenic Troiano performance from the Ottawa Revue, 31 August 1978
Press release regarding '78 tour
Ottawa Citizen article, October 1978


Tempo cover story, July 1979 [Part 1 | Part 2]
Troiano entry from The Rolling Stone Record Guide, 1979
Article from RPM Weekly, August 11, 1979
Capsule review of Fret Fever from Canadian Musician, October 1979
Cover story from Canadian Musician, October 1979 [Part 1 | Part 2]
Ottawa Citizen article, September 1979
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Article on Mandala's Classics compilation from RPM [Part 1 | Part 2]
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Clipping on collaboration of Troiano and B.J. Cook
Canadian Musician article focusing on Domenic's TV work
"Blasts From the Past" article on Troiano and Bush
Article from Canadian Musician, 1992


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Article from The Record, March 1996
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Article on Domenic's collaboration with Patria, from, February 2000


Review of Troiano's final solo performance from the Orbit Room in Toronto, May 2004
Metro article on the White Ribbon Concert, June 2004
Review of 20th Century Masters compilation from, October 2004
May 2005 article
Tribute from The Globe and Mail, 4 June 2005
Greg Quill tribute from the Toronto Star [Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3]
Vintage Guitar article written by Danny Marks, September 2005

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