Covers of Domenic Troiano songs (in alphabetical order by artist)

Anderson/Sloski, Footwork (2004, Make It Real) — "World of Love"

Karen J. Ann, "We All Need Love" (1988, Emergency)

Long John Baldry, Welcome to Club Casablanca (1976, Casablanca) — "Had Enough"

Black Oak Arkansas, 10 Year Overnight Success (1976, MCA) — "When the Band was Singin' 'Shakin' All Over'"

Bob & Dean, Dork Side of the Tune (1997, CFMI) — "Dancin' Tool" (parody of "Dancin' Fool")

Tina Charles, Just One Smile (1980, CBS) — "Just as Bad as You"

Chicory Tip, Son of My Father (1972, CBS) — "I Can Hear You Calling"

Double You, We All Need Love (1992, ZYX) — "We All Need Love"

Ebony, "We All Need Love" (1983, Quality)

Free Reign, Live (1973, Rondo) — "Yonge St. Patty"

Free Reign, Antonymous (1975, Bridges) — "Got to Leave the City" and "Drink Your Wine"

Funkgus, Funkgus II (1976, Baal) — "I Can Hear You Calling"

Otis Gayle, "Sexy Eyes" (Dr. Hook cover)/"We All Need Love" (1979, Cobra)

Rodney Graham, Rock Is Hard (2003) — "High and Lonesome" (contains sample of "World of Love")

Bobby Hales' Band, Vancouver Instrumental (197x, CBC Radio Canada) — "The Writing's on the Wall"

Tim Hardin, Nine (1974, Antilles) — "Is There No Rest for the Weary"

Hector, "Menin Kipsiin Taas" (1975, Love) — Finnish version of "Dancin' Fool"

J Dilla, Another Batch (1998) — "Track 7 (Play It Loud)" (contains sample of "356 Sammon Ave." from Domenic Troiano)

Kish, A Nation of Hoods (1994, Isba) — "Sunrise" (contains sample of "I Can Hear You Calling" by Three Dog Night)

Lo Fidelity Allstars, Don't Be Afraid of Love (2002, Skint) — "Feel What I Feel" (re-write of "Out of Control" from the James Gang's Passin' Thru)

Moe Koffman, If You Don't Know Me By Now (1982, Elektra) — "Lonely Girl" and "Zingaro" ("Gypsy" from Triple Play)

Mietta, La Mia Anima (1998, Warner) — "Angeli Noi" (re-write of "We All Need Love")

Arthur Miles, "We All Need Love" (1992, Max Music)

Price Mitchell, Mr. Country Soul (1976, GRT) — "Seems Like I Can't Live With You, But I Can't Live Without You"

Old Chicago Blues Band, Fourth Anniversary (1996, Speakeasy) — "I Can Hear You Calling"

Quincy Conserve, Tasteful (1973, EMI) — "Ain't Seen Nothing Yet"

Johnny Russell, Here Comes Johnny Russell (1975, RCA) — "Seems Like I Can't Live With You, But I Can't Live Without You"

Marlena Shaw, Sweet Beginnings (1977, Columbia) — "The Writing's on the Wall"

George Siras feat. Duane Harden, "We All Need Love" (2011, X-Energy)

Skylark, Skylark (1972, Capitol) — "The Writing's on the Wall"

DJ Andy Smith, The Document II (2003, Classic/Illicit) — "I Can Hear You Calling" (remix of Three Dog Night cover)

Three Dog Night, Naturally (1970, ABC/Dunhill) — "I Can Hear You Calling"

Three Dog Night, Seven Separate Fools (1972, ABC/Dunhill) — "The Writing's on the Wall"

Pat Travers, Don't Feed the Alligators (2000, Blues Bureau Int'l) — "I Can Hear You Calling"

Various Artists, Mitä Suomi Soittaa 3 (1975, Satsanga) — "Menin Kipsiin Taas" (Finnish version of "Dancin' Fool," performed by Uniset)

Various Artists, 2B3: The Toronto Sessions (1999, Calabogie) — "Burnin' at the Stake" (performed by Michael Fonfara and Rob Gusevs)

Michael Vraa & His Big Roll Band, One Little Step (1992, PladeSelskabet) — "Seems Like I Can't Live With You, But I Can't Live Without You"

Y'All So Stupid, Van Full of Pakistans (1993, Rowdy) — "85 South" (contains sample of "I Can Hear You Calling")

Zucchero, Black Cat (2016, Polydor) — "L'Anno Dell'Amore" (re-write of "I Can Hear You Calling")

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