Reissues and Rarities

All of Domenic's original solo albums are out of print and have been for quite some time. Fret Fever was issued on CD by EMI Canada several years ago, but it's pretty hard to find. However, most of his solo work can be found on two separate CD anthologies, and a career-spanning best-of was released in 2003 as part of Canada's line of 20th Century Masters collections.

The Toronto Sound (Mercury/Universal Music)
This disc contains Domenic's first two solo efforts in their entirety. The package includes an excellent essay by Martin Melhuish and photos of Dom as a little boy. The remastered music sounds phenomenal, especially if your vinyl copies of the original albums are getting worn. Released only in Canada, I believe. If you haven't heard Troiano's music, this is a perfect place to start. It is available in limited quantities on Get it, or be forever deprived.

Troiano Triple Play (EMI Canada)
I got this disc in the late '90s. Currently it is commanding high premiums on Amazon. It offers a good overview of Domenic's solo career with Capitol. The extended version of "We All Need Love" is here; it just might inspire you to hit the dance floor. This set consists mostly of the shorter, catchier songs from Troiano's Capitol albums ("Maybe the Next Time," "Brains on the Floor," "Savour the Flavour," "Here Before My Time," etc.). "War Zone" is included, but its impact is slightly diminished away from its original source (the Side 2 suite of The Joke's on Me). Three important songs missing from this compilation are "Lonely Girl," "Eleanora Fagan," and "I'd Rather Be Your Lover," but you can only fit so much music on a disc (and this one has 74 minutes and 52 seconds worth). Triple Play does include 2 excellent unreleased tracks from the Joke's on Me era. Definitely a worthwhile investment, if you can find it.

The Best of Domenic Troiano: The Millenium Collection (Universal Music)
One could earn a Nobel Prize if he or she released a true, complete, comprehensive anthology highlighting the best moments in Domenic's career. This would involve compiling tracks, many scarce and obscure, from Domenic's numerous projects as a band leader, band member, session player, and producer. This would be a near-impossible task, as his recorded output was released on many different labels. Since the world may never see a perfect Troiano retrospective, this will do for now.
The pros: contains songs from Domenic's solo repertoire as well as all of his major groups, save for the Guess Who. No weak links in the track listing. Includes two gems left off of the Triple Play CD: "Lonely Girl" and the incomparable "Eleanora Fagan." Stellar sound quality, beautiful packaging. The cons: somewhat lopsided song selection (for instance, four tracks from Domenic Troiano and none from Tricky. Surely you jest.). At 13 tracks, not quite long enough, as are all of the volumes in this series.
Not a whole lot to complain about, really. It's nice to see Domenic was included in the 20th Century Masters series. It'll probably stay in print longer than either of the aforementioned discs.

Live at Thunder Sound, Toronto (bootleg)
This show from 1977 was aired on Q-107 FM in Toronto and bootlegged later in the year. It is currently an endangered species, maybe even extinct. Ever the musician, Dom says little and lets the music speak for itself. Every cut features outstanding musicianship from Troiano and his band: Jacek Sobatta, Keith Jones, Paul DeLong, and Dave Tyson. The group is in top form, especially on "War Zone" and a hot rendition of "Willpower." Once again, if you can get your hands on it, grab it and run.

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